Top Clean Inc. was established in 1997 and have been the clear leader when it comes to full-service janitorial firms. Whether you’re looking to contract us for a janitorial service or home carpet cleaning service, we are committed to delivering a professional job.

Rooted in the state of Oklahoma, we have established partnership that contributes to the state economy. Our janitors work hard and perform high quality jobs that’s worth investing.

We value your business and we’ll always give your janitorial job the attention it deserves.

Top Clean is proud and committed to customer satisfaction, serving our community,

and keeping your space professionally clean!


Naturally derived cleaners that deliver powerful performance with plant-and-mineral based ingredients.

  • The green movement, like most business trends, started at the consumer level, but since it has permeated into the commercial markets by impacting the way building owners and facility managers do business.
  • Green Clean is a comprehensive program that is designed to bring awareness, education, and certification to those interested in pursuing a green business strategy. A strategy that allows you to prosper economically, to have a positive impact on the environment, and to be socially responsible to all who work in and visit your building.
  • Every day, there are tens of millions of people that walk through the doors of schools, office buildings, banks, etc. leaving behind the unseen. Over the last several years, the world has witnessed outbreaks of viruses including Bird Influenza H5N1 and most recently Swine Flu H1N1. These viruses and microorganisms are not going away. The viruses will become stronger and have a much larger impact on society. Top Clean wants to help reduce these diseases from spreading and causing your business to shut down.
  • Understanding that disinfecting the surface one time after an outbreak isn’t enough or sufficient to ensure the facility is protected on a regular basis. The disinfecting and cleaning is an ongoing process.


We value your business and we will always give your janitorial job the attention it deserves.

First and foremost, you need your janitorial service provider to be reliable, arriving on time, and completing all cleaning tasks as requested. At Top Clean dependability is just the beginning. We’ll always be there for a scheduled cleaning and deliver spotless results that will inspire trust.
The cost of janitorial service can differ widely from firm to firm, but we have a simple formula- a fair price for both us and our clients. By charging competitive rates and delivering exceptional performance, we’re sure you will call us again.
While on the job, you can expect each member of the Top Clean team to be focused on the janitorial tasks at hand. We know that being efficient has a direct effect on our customers – by minimizing the time it takes to clean your space, we’re even less of an imposition.
Our janitors often come to client locations during off-hours, so your interaction with us could be minimal. However, we aim o make even those few short minutes count and you can be sure that every meeting or phone conversation with Top Clean will be professional and respectful.